The Immigrating Island

The Immigrating Island is currently a work in progress (2016-).
Below are some video clips of the island travelling in different parts of the world. These clips will eventually constitute a video work in a trilogy featuring The Inflatable Island.

Walking Island.
Made in collaboration with students from Princess Hill Primary School in Melbourne, 2016.

With the assistance of the wind, the island moves across the great salt lake. Lake Eye, South Australia, 2018.

Near Williams Creek, South Australia, 2018.

The Island resting in a canola field, Victoria, Austrlia, 2017.

Sand dunes, Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia, 2017.

The Island hobble on, Flinders Ranges, South Australia, 2018.

The Inflatable Island (Fuppidhoo) on a road trip in the Australian outback, 2017.